Anastrozol 1 mg Balkan Pharma

Anastrozol Balkan Pharma

Other names: Arimidex, anastrozole

Active substance: Anastrozole
Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Unit: 60 tabs 10mg






Each tablet contains 1,0 mg anastrozolum;

Pharmacological classification: 

Antiestrogen, Enzyminhibitorer.

Medicinal Actions: 

Anastrozol can be a non-steroidal medicine used by athletes upabout steroid ointment medications to stay away from estrogenic effects, is among the finest antiestrogens for you personally with regards to avoiding steroid unwanted effects just similar to oily skin color, zits, fluid safe-keeping, or gynecomastia. Estradiol is actually produced mostly in the conversion associated with androstenedione in order to be able for you to help estrone from the aromatase molecule complicated throughout side-line tissues. Oestrone is consequently transformed into oestradiol. Anastrozol inhibit the particular aromatase chemical and blocked output of estradiol.

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