About Biofarma

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BIOFARMA – the modern leading Ukrainian pharmaceutical company in the sphere of development and production of innovative high-tech medicinal products made of donated human blood, recombinant preparations and drugs that are based on spore-forming bacteria.biofarma-small

We work in a branch that cares about the most important human values such as life and health.

The Company’s mission is bringing innovative biopharmaceutical domestic developments to leading specialists in the sphere of health protection and, accordingly, to each patient, as well as opening new prospects for treatment of serious diseases. We strive to ensure that every specialist in the sphere of health protection and patients who use our medicinal products were assured of their high quality and efficiency.

Unique scope of ancient knowledge and experience combined with new applicable biotechnology allowed BIOFARMA active development in the sphere of production of highly efficient biogenerics, strengthening of its positions not only in the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine, but also in the countries of near and far abroad. Our products are currently represented in 12 countries.

BIOFARMA is the only Ukrainian manufacturer of specific immunobiological preparations made of donated human blood, which is a strategic area for the Company. It is BIOFARMA that implemented for the first time in the CIS countries and Eastern Europe in 2005 the advanced technology for virus inactivation by solvent/detergent methodology (S/D) during production of immunoglobulin, which allowed exclusion of possible virus transmissive infections.

The company currently produces more than 130 items of drugs in 11 pharmacological groups:

  • immunological preparations made of donated human blood plasma
  • recombinant drugs
  • probiotics and preparations based on spore-forming bacteria
  • chemical and pharmaceutical preparations
  • preparations made of organic raw materials
  • anti-viral medication
  • preparations made of plant raw material
  • hormonal preparations
  • eye drops
  • ointments

The list of medicinal preparations is constantly extended with significant investment to the development of scientific and industrial potential, which allows offering of drugs having unique composition and effect. Thus, thanks to the improvement of the technology of human plasma fractionation, BIOFARMA is the only enterprise in Ukraine, which has established production of complex antihemophilic factor VIII and von Willebrand factor (drug “BioKlot A®”  medicinal preparation).

About 30 new drugs are at the stage of development: drugs affecting the musculoskeletal system, anti-inflammatory preparations, drugs to be used in dermatology, monoclonal antibodies, pegylated forms of colony stimulating factor and interferon.

A momentous event for our enterprise was opening of a biopharmaceutical scientific and production complex “Biofarma” in the city of Bila Tserkva (Kyiv oblast) in 2013 with total area of 5 hectares, which increased our production capacity at least twice. This complex includes industrial biotechnological production of probiotics, liquid (sterile medicinal products in glass and plastic bottles, ampoules, syringes) and soft (ointments, suppositories) dosage forms unique for Ukraine. The complex is equipped with one of the most updated quality control laboratory for every stage of production.

Quality is our main priority, it is ensured by valid quality management system that complies with the requirements of international and domestic standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

9001_14001_blueThe system is aimed at maintaining high quality and safety of produced medicines, and efficient functioning of technological and organizational processes of the enterprise.

Certifications were successfully obtained related to guidelines of good manufacturing practices for pharmaceutical companies (GMP) for production lines of blood –based preparations.

The integrated system provides gradual harmonization with relevant pharmacy practice of GLP (Good Laboratory Practice), GCP (Good Clinical Practice), GDP (Good Distribution Practice).

However, attention is paid not only to production improvement. Major marketing service has been recently arranged at the enterprise because competent marketing is currently an important component of success. Competent cooperation with specialized mass media, popular publications, pharmaceutical sales representatives, pharmacists, and physicians should help to inform professionals and consumers on the objectives and tasks of our enterprise and its high qualitative and affordable products. It is also important for our partners: distributors and pharmacies, which should be sure that the products are not only of consistently high quality, but are also provided with adequate advertising support.

We pay great attention also to well-being improvement of every member in our team, because the prosperity of the whole enterprise depends on work quality and well-being of each employee.

BIOFARMA personnel are company’s pride. We employ more than 500 professionals in this sphere who share ambitious goals, striving to develop the health system and medical science.

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