SP Propionate SP Laboratories

Other names: Test P

Manufacturer: SP Laboratories
Testosterone propionate 100mg/ml
Pack: 10ml, 100mg/ml




The queerness of Testosterone propionate is that, for example, when compared to so loved by the bodybuilders testosterone enathate, it retains water only in minimal amounts. It may be purchased in our shop. By the way, namely because of this fact some musclemen consider it to be ineffective. And so it is: it is difficult to accumulate 8-10 kg within a month using it, on the other hand it may be done by the use of testosterone enathate or methandienone.
However, experienced athletes find this property very valuable and actively use propionate during the prior-competition preparation. The combination of propionate with one or some highly anabolic and low androgenic steroids like Strombaject or Primobol contributes to growth of quality musculature and faster burning of under-skin fat. In addition, it was observed that these combinations are a classical example of synergy when the preparations which are not too actively effecting when used separately, become much more effective during the combination. It may also be purchased from our shop as well as retabolil.

Anyway, this doesn’t mean only poor bodybuilders “approach” the competition. The fact is that testosterone compound lets the organism restore better after the loads, because testosterone contributes to organism’s secretion of creatine-phosphate, and that’s why even the wealthy athletes try to include at least one androgen to their pre-competition steroid cycle. It is understood that propionate is preferred due to the reasons stated above as a preparation checked by time, although some prefer more expensive but less investigated andriol.
One more interesting property of propionate is that it starts working very fast after entering the user’s organism and is also derived with the same speed.
The advantages of this feature are obvious: if the athlete, addicted for steroids, desires to see their work, then he may inject some testosterone propionate at the beginning of the course. The testosterone level in the organism will jump significantly and when propionate stops working, harder steroid artillery will start working. By the way, such preparations like Sustamed have bodybuilders love also due to the fact that they have propionate in the composition which lets start the deal without long warming. One more advantage of this property is that it is possible to prepare for the championship with propionate when doping-test is scheduled.