SP Metandienon SP Laboratories

Other name: Averbol, Dianabol, Danabol, Metanabol, Naposim, Vetanabol

Unit: 10mg, 100tab.

y its chemical structure Danabol 10 is near to 17-alpha-methyltestosterone and due to these Methandienone owns a strong anabolic and androgenic action that is seen in the significant growth of strength and muscle mass. Methandienone acts fast and for sure: the addition of one-two kilograms per week within first six weeks is a norm during the use of Methandienone. The accumulated body weight is gathered from the actual growth of muscular issue (muscle fibers hypertrophy) and, mainly, thanks to an observable liquid retain in the organism.





Methandienone dosage spectrum:
It is quiet different, especially for the athletes, weightlifters and power-lifters. This spectrum varies from 2 to 20 and more tablets of everyday use. Daily dosage, having really good action over the athlete is somewhere between 15 and 49 mg. The dosage should always correspond to the individual abilities of the sportsman. The beginners should never use more than 15-20 mg of steroids per day because even with this dosage they will be able to achieve significant results within first 8-10 weeks. And when the action of the preparation for this group of sportsmen after nearly eight weeks decreases and the athlete would like to continue the “course”, then he should not increase the preparation dosage. In addition to the preparation it is better to use an injection steroid such as Primobol of 200 mg per week or to totally pass to one of the stated above preparations.

The use of Testosterone is not recommended at this stage. For totally impatient sportsmen of average level the combination of 20-30 mg of Methandienone per week and 200-400 mg of Nandrolone Decanoate will result in a miracle. Professionals, the athletes of “advanced” level and those, who have the weight of more than 100 kg, need a dosage that doesn’t exceed 40 mg per day and very rare 50 mg. There is no any sense in increasing the amount of tablets of Methandienone till the incomparable volumes because 15 tablets don’t act better than 7 or 8. The everyday dosage of 50 mg comes from the total incompetence.

The simultaneous usage of Danabol 10 and Anapolon 50 on the other hand is even worse idea because these two preparations are very similar by their action, and due to this there develops the situation similar to the one when the athlete uses 10 and more tablets of Danabol. Methandienone is of little use for the preparation to the competitions because it causes strong water retain at many athletes and also thanks to its convertibility to estrogens makes it difficult for the athlete to get rid off the fat. Those who don’t have such a problem and also those who used to use Tamoximed and Provimed, may use Methandienone while “drying” together with the “competitive” steroids – Parabolan, Strombaject, Nandrolone D, Oxandrolon and others.