SP Stanozol SP Laboratories

Other Names: Winstrol
Substantion: SP Stanozolol
SP Laboratories, Moldova of Republic
Pack: 10mg, 100tab.


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For the most users oral SP Stanozol (Stanozolol) is observably less effective than the injections. There is no logical and scientific explanation for that.

Since the tablets are alkylated by 17-alpha, it seems to be unbelievable that during the “first pass” through the liver a part of the substance is inactivated, so that such a possibility disappears. One of the reasons is, possibly, the fact that most athletes use insufficient amount of Strombafort (Stanozolol) tablets. If we consider the fact that Stanozolol, as a rule, is injected 50 mg per day or at least 50 mg every two days and compare this with the everyday dosage of the used tablets then such an opinion is confirmed.